American Samoa Observatory Tour
Around the Grounds: Bluesky Tower

The Bluesky Tower is a business cooperative. The 70 foot communications tower was completed in May 1999 with GMD monitoring equipment and cooperative projects utilizing space on the structure. It replaced a 42 foot walkup meteorological tower.


From the vantage point of the tower:

Looking west. Papaloa Point in the foreground; Cockscomb in the background.
(Photo by P. Roberts, 2002)
Looking south from the tower. Tula Village is visible in the valley just beyond Fagasa Point, foreground, and Maliuga Point. The island of Aunu’u, to the left in the photo, is roughly 4 km from the observatory.
(Photo by P. Roberts, 2002)

Cape Matatula. Visible at the point are the CO2 intake tower, the tall white pole located in the center of the photo, and the pump building, the small white building in the lower left. Frequently turtles are observed around the point. (Photo by P. Roberts, 2002)
GMD anemometers at the top of the Bluesky Tower and the vast Pacific ocean.
(Photo by P. Roberts, 2002)

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