Download Checklist in Adobe (.pdf)

Before going up to observatory

  • Bring your own drinking water.
  • Bring your own food. We do not provide food at the observatory.
  • Bring sunscreen, sunglasses and a jacket; the UV radiation is very high at the observatory.
  • Fill your car with gas before leaving for the observatory. There is no gas available at the observatory.
  • Check weather conditions, especially summit conditions, from the National Weather Service forcast page.
  • Bring jackets and other warm clothing. There may be arctic conditions at the station.
  • Check the MLO web site for any special information. The website is found at:
  • Drive slowly and carefully on the MLO access road. The road is single lane and has many blind hills and turns. Please drive with your headlights on.
  • Do not drive while on the cell phone. Pull off to the side and stop the car while on the phone

While at the Observatory

  • Sign guest book in Keeling Building.
  • Check with MLO staff if you are encountering any problems, or need assistance.
  • Keep MLO staff work areas clear (i.e., tables in center of Keeling Building and areas in front of existing instruments - all instruments are checked daily).
  • MLO is on a water catchment system, please conserve water. Be sure the sink's water faucet is closed when done.
  • Be courteous to other visiting groups.
  • Do not touch other projects' computers or instruments.
  • Telephones - DO NOT make any long distance toll calls from MLO phone unless you are charging it to your phone card or calling collect. A non-toll charge is anywhere on the Big Island, everywhere else has a toll charge. You need to dial 9 to get an outside line. Ask permission from MLO staff first.
  • No Smoking at the site.
  • Before leaving observatory, please take care of your own trash (bring down and dispose of your trash when you're done). Please help keep the facility CLEAN!