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What does this program measure?

The solar direct irradiance , sky brightness (relative value), and optical thickness.

Direct Solar Irradiance Measurer

How does this program work?

We estimate the amount of aerosol in the atmosphere from the attenuation of the solar direct irradiance and sky brightness.

MRI Aeolian Dust Setup, Facing Mauna Kea

Why is this research important?

We would like to know the aerosol amount in the atmosphere (aerosols are small particles in the air).

MRI Aeolian Dust Equipment at MLO

Are there any trends in the data?

We don’t check trends of our data.

How does this program fit into the big picture?

What is it's role in global climate change?

Aerosols in the atmosphere directly and indirectly change the earth's radiation budget. Therefore, they change climate.

Comments and References

We have a network to measure aerosol amount in the area of Japan and China. We must regularly calibrate the instruments to measure the solar radiation. The MLO is one of the best place to get the data for the calibration in the world.

Lead Investigator(s):

Akihiro Uchiyama

MLO Contact(s):

Dr. John E Barnes

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