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What does this program measure?

Isotopes of Helium; Helium 3 and 4. Units of measure: mol/gramme

How does this program work?

Noble gas Mass spectrometry Analysis of Magnetically separated cosmic dust particles.

Why is this research important?

To measure Temporal Variability of Inter-Planetary Dust Particles (IDPs) influx.

Are there any trends in the data?

Yes, Periodic enrichment and depletion of helium 3 isotope.

How does this program fit into the big picture?

What is it's role in global climate change?

Understanding the IDP influx allows us to quantify time scales of major climatic events in Earth's history

Comments and References

This project is no longer active.

Lead Investigator(s):

Prof. Kenneth A. Farley

MLO Contact(s):

Dr. John E Barnes
808-933-6965 (x222)

Web Site(s)

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