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russ schnell Dr. Russell C. Schnell
(303) 497-6733
Director of Observatories & Global Network Operations
Russ is the Main point of contact for the budget and the approval of new projects. He is stationed in Boulder, Colorado (Mountain Time Zone).

Darryl Kuniyuki Darryl Kuniyuki
(808) 933-6965 x237
Station Chief / Electrical Engineer
Darryl manages the servers, network, security systems, program development, computers, and peripheral systems of MLO. He also provides technical support for MLO Staff, participates in the routine observing schedule at MLO, manages internal station operations (such as office space), sponsors JIMAR employees, assigns projects, and assists the station chief in administrative duties.

Paul Fukumura-Sawada Paul Fukumura-Sawada
(808) 933-6965 x223
Electrical Engineer / Facility Maintenance
Paul maintains and calibrates several programs at MLO, including the ESRL Solar Radiation program, University of Denver FTIR program,  and NIWA Spectral U.V, GMD MET Program, CSU UVB program, ANSTO Radon and NASA Aeronet program. He is also responsible for managing facility maintainence, and participates in the routine observing schedule at MLO.

Aidan Colton Aidan Colton
(808) 933-6965 x233
Chemist / Research Scientist
Aidan Colton is a Physical Scientist with MLO.  He has been working at MLO since 2004 and is currently responsible for a number of research programs which include the collection and analysis of Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Carbon Monoxide,  Aerosol optical properties, Halocarbons, and other trace gases.  Aidan also collects flask samples at MLO and Cape Kumukahi and assists primary observers in the routine observing schedule at MLO. .

Preston Sato
(808) 933-6965 x236
JIMAR Information Technology Associate
Preston manages the Web Servers, IT security, Data flow, Networks of over 100 systems and technical support for MLO staff. He also is responsible for University of Colorado Piccarro Water Vapor Program. Preston is a principle webmaster and web developer for MLO.He also restores historical photos for archiving, creates multimedia software programming for the web. Preston also assists primary observers in the routine observing schedule at MLO.

David Nardini David Nardini
(808) 933-6965 x229
JIMAR Operations / Research Associate
David is responsible for managing the ESRL surface ozone programs, NWS meteorological data and NWS ROSA programs, the ESRL webmet system, and a SUNY flask sampler. David is also the MLO point of contact for wireless repeater equipment at the mountain site, and participates in the routine observing schedule at MLO.

Nash Kobayashi Nash Kobayashi
(808) 933-6965 x230
JIMAR Mechanical Technician / Research Associate
Nash is responsible for the managing the EPA programs which include Mecury and Carbon monoxide.

John Barnes Dr. John Barnes
(808) 933-6965 x222
Physical Scientist
Dr. Barnes is the the Principle investigator for the Mauna Loa Observatory lidar (light detection and ranging) and camera lidar (clidar) programs, and the NOAA ESRL GMD Lidar group.

marty Marty Martinsen
(808) 933-6965 x228

John Barnes Greg Rose
(808) 933-6965 x