2007 Summer Internships

Julie Elbert (University of Trier, Germany)
Julie Elbert

Julie came to MLO to do an internship in the summer of 2007 and prepare her diploma thesis for the University of Trier in Germany. The thesis will contain a comparison of the NASA AURA Satellite's Microwave Limb Sounder instrument ozone data with the Global Monitoring Division Measurements of ozone. She also checked the effects on ozone distribution during Asian Dust Seasons at MLO and Trinidad Head, California.

Julie grew up with her family in Goeppingen, Germany. After finishing school at Freihof Gymnasium she studied applied environmental sciences at the University of Trier. She completes her internship with MLO at the end of August and will return to Germany and finish the diploma thesis in December, 2007. After graduation she hopes to continue a career in climate research and remote sensing.

Becki Legatt (University of North Dakota)
becki legatt

Becki Legatt interned at the Mauna Loa Observatory for 9 weeks during the summer of 2007 as a part of the NOAA Holling�s Scholar Program. During her internship she worked on a research project comparing Lidar data from the Mauna Loa Observatory with Lidar data from NASA�s CALIPSO satellite for validation purposes. Her final results were to be presented at a NOAA scholar�s conference the first week of August 2007 at the NOAA offices in Silver Spring, MD. Becki also assisted with the development of materials for Mauna Loa Observatory�s 50th Anniversary celebration to be held in November of 2007.

Becki grew up in Annandale, Minnesota with her dad (August), her mom (Shirley), and her brother (Luke). She attends the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks, ND where she is working on her undergraduate degree in Atmospheric Science. She will graduate in May of 2008 with her Bachelor of Science degree in Atmospheric Science. After graduation she hopes to continue on with a graduate degree in Atmospheric Science or pursue a career in broadcast meteorology in the Midwest.