QNX Windows Basics

    QNX Windows is a the graphical user interface (GUI) that the data acquisition system runs on.  The gray "background" area is the desktop.  A right mouse click on the desktop will bring up a pull down menu.  Within the pull down menu, you will find sub menus such as "programs" and "utilities".  At the top left corner of the windows environment you'll find an arrow icon.  Left clicking this icon will switch QNX windows to a text environment (very similar to the "shell" program).  To return to the graphical QNX environment, simply type "windows".
The "shell" program
    Probably, the most commonly used program in the program sub-menu is "shell".  The shell program will open up a blue window in which you can type any QNX command.   This is where you can open a text editor such as vedit or vi and edit data acquisition table files.  To exit the shell, simply type exit or right click on the upper left arrow icon and choose quit.  The arrow icon can also be used to minimize the shell.
The file manager program
    Some users will find maneuvering through directories manually (using cd) cumbersome.  The program "file manager" will allow you to click your way through directories and edit files.
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