The ISIS station in Sterling is located on the National Weather Service grounds at the airport.

Sterling, Virginia
Latitude: 38.98 degrees North
Longitude: 77.47 degrees West
Elevation: 85 meters
ISIS data from the Sterling site.
Location of ISIS site at Sterling, VA
Sterling ISIS station
The ISIS station in Sterling, Virginia, located near the airport. (646x505 JPEG, 62Kb)
Sterling ISIS station instruments
Instruments at the Sterling site include a total solar pyranometer (front), and a UV-B Biometer (rear left).
Sterling data logger
The CR10 data logger enclosure, including (left side, top to bottom) rechargeable battery, storage module, data logger, multiplexer, and power surge protector. The modem is at top right, and a phone line surge protector is below that.
Sterling UVB
The UVB Biometer is shown at front, with the global pyranometer mounted in the background.