1. Release Date: 29 October 2009
  2. Data additions
    • Discrete surface measurements:
      • BHD Baring Head, New Zealand (ESRL in collaboration with National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA))
      • LMP Lampedusa, Italy (ESRL in collaboration with National Agency for New Technology, Energy, and Environment (ENEA))


  1. Release Date: 23 July 2008
  2. Data additions
    • Discrete surface measurements:
      • HPB Hohenpeissenberg, Germany (ESRL)
    • Site Code Change
      • In January 2007, the ESRL aircraft site at Rowley, Iowa, United States (RIA) was moved to West Branch, Iowa (WBI). Data from RIA are now merged with data from WBI.


  1. Release Date: 20 August 2007
  2. Data additions
    • Discrete surface measurements:
      • SGP374 Southern Great Plains, Oklahoma, United States (ESRL)
      • THD Trinidad Head, California, United States (ESRL)
    • Discrete measurements from aircraft:
      • BNE Beaver Crossing, Nebraska, United States (ESRL)
      • DND Dahlen, North Dakota, United States (ESRL)
      • ESP Estevan Point, British Columbia, Canada (ESRL)
      • HIL Homer, Illinois, United States (ESRL)
      • LEF Park Falls, Wisconsin, United States (ESRL)
      • RIA Rowley, Iowa, United States (ESRL)
      • TGC Sinton, Texas, United States (ESRL)