FTP Data Finder
FTP Data Finder
Search for and download datasets available on the GMD public FTP server.
Current Trends of CO2
Current Trends in CO2
Graphs and data for the most recent CO2 data at Mauna Loa, Hawaii and for global averages.
Current Trends of CH4
Current Trends in CH4
Graphs and data for the most recent CH4 global averages.
Annual Greenhouse Gas Index
The AGGI index that provides a point of comparison for tracking annual changes in levels of atmospheric greenhouse gases.
CarbonTracker - CO2
CarbonTracker is a tool designed to keep track of time dependent emissions and uptake of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2), both natural and manmade.
CarbonTracker - CH4
CarbonTracker CH4 is a companion product to CarbonTracker-CO2, producing estimates of emissions of methane to the atmosphere from natural and anthropogenic sources.
Observation Package (ObsPack) data products are intended to support carbon cycle modeling studies. They include providers' original data and metadata, reformatted into the ObsPack framework.
Marine Boundary Layer Reference
A data product derived directly from measurements of weekly air samples from the Cooperative Air Sampling Network of the Greenhouse Gas Reference Network.
The GLOBALVIEW data products enhance the spatial and temporal distribution of atmospheric observations of CO2, CH4 and other related greenhouse gases.
Interactive Atmospheric Data Visualization
A data exploration tool for GMD measurements.
Pre-made figures of results from the reference network. Figures include maps, contour plots, time series plots and surface plots of values versus time and latitude.
Calibrations of Reference Gases
NOAA ESRL GMD is the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) Central Calibration Laboratory (CCL) for CO2, CH4, N2O, SF6, and CO.