This file defines the data generated by data.ebas.get. It is located in $DB/etc/$STATION/edit.filters.$STATION.conf or in the default location $DB/etc/edit.filters.conf. The default one is loaded first then the station specific one. Any source definitions or header definitions in the station specific one take precedence over the default ones.


Lines beginning with '#' are treated as comments. Each line starts with a start time in any convertible time format or “0” or blank for the start of data. Then a type field (which for a source may also contain a sub-field separated by “;” or “:” of the specific archive). Then a variable matching regular expression, parsed like “^$expr$”. Finally for sources the numeric source key ID and for headers variable header type followed by the contents.

The two types recognized are “Source” to set the numeric source ID. The type may contain an archive sub field type (separated from the source by “;” or “:”), if this is present then this source only applies to requests for that archive. After the key a username and password may also be provided if the data set is private access only.

The source key ID for a variable can be found by browsing through the EBAS database until a desired data set is located, then copy the URL that is the link of the “notebook” icon next to the data set line, within that URL there should be a field that looks like “&dskey=12345675&”, the number (without the “=” or “&”) is the numeric ID required here. For example the URL:




Has the key value “115059019”. Alternatively after downloading data the files within the zip file will start with a string like “ds115059019/” the number 115059019 is also the key ID. The key can also be found by mousing over the underlined number to the far left on each column of the data listing.

Another option to set the data key is to use the metadata dump. This file is located in $DB/etc/ebas.import.sets.dat and contains a list of exported data sets from EBAS. To match rows in the file the “Source” field can consist of “key=value” pairs, separated by “;” or “:”. The value is a case independent regular expression. The key is one of “parameter” (e.x. “aerosol_absorption_coefficient”), “matrix” (e.x. “pm1”), “type” (e.x. “cpc”), “instrument” (e.x. “US06L_Radiance-Research_PSAP-3W_BND”), “measurement” (e.x. “US06L_abs_coef”), “interval” (e.x. “1h”), “other” (e.x. “467\s*nm” to match 3-W PSAP blue data).

The second type is a header. The two fields it contains are the variable specific header key and the value of it.