data.status inspects the comment archives and generates a report for one or more stations about the status of data processing. This report includes the latest raw and clean data times as well as any gaps in either of those archives.

If the set of results contains only one station then a detailed report is generated, otherwise a summary table is.

Command Line Usage

data.status [--report-gap-size=seconds] [--quiet] [--start[=raw|clean|both]]
            [--gaps-only=raw|clean] [all|active|stations...]



Either the word “all” to report all stations, “active” to report only active stations (those that have processed raw data within the last 365 days) or a list of stations to report either as arguments or separated by “;”, “,” or “:”. The default is active stations.


The minimum gap size to report, the default is one day.


Don't output headers and loading information, used by non-interactive programs.


Generate start time information. If used in single station mode this adds a line in the current data section. If used in summary multiple station mode with no argument or clean then this replaces the raw time column with the start time, if used in raw mode then the raw times are reported, if used in both mode then another column is added.


Only report a machine readable (epoch times only) report of the gaps in the given archive for a single station. No effect in multiple station mode.

Example Usage

All active stations


All stations

data.status all

One station

data.status bnd

Several stations

data.status bnd sgp cpr