data.process.psap_int takes high frequency PSAP/CLAP intensities or transmittance and uses that to calculate a longer time base average.

Command Line Usage

data.process.psap_int [--cpd2] [--cpd2out] [--instrument=A11] 
                      [--wavelengths=...] intensities flow[;offset;slope] 
                      time area average [inputFile] 



A series of comma separated lists of the form 'Sample;SampleDark;Reference;ReferenceDark'. Each list represents an absorption that will be calculated. The dark specifiers are optional and if omitted default to zero (no offset). Each individual component is either a field index (starting from one) in CPD1 mode (the default) or a variable name base in CPD2 mode. If the reference is omitted it is assumed to be one; this allows just a transmittance to be used.


A flow rate and an optional slope and offset calibration. If the flow rate begins with a “+” it is assumed be to a constant value. Otherwise if running in CPD1 mode (the default) it is a field index (starting from one), if in CPD2 mode it is a variable name base.


An instrument time field specifier. In CPD1 mode this is a field index (starting from one). In CPD2 mode it is a variable name base. If the argument is blank (“”) or invalid the record time is used.


The filter spot area in m^2.


A file to read from. If omitted or '-' then standard input is used.


Use CPD2 input mode. A field specifiers are treated as variable name bases.


Output CPD2 style data instead of CPD1.


Set the default instrument for CPD2 output, defaulting to null.


Comma separated list of wavelength strings to use in the CPD2 output.

Example Usage

Average PSAP3W Raw Data to 60 Seconds

cnvt_psap3w --record=m lr_X.sfa | data.process.psap_int --cpd2 'IpB;;IfB,IpG;;IfG,IpR;;IfR' 'Q;0.0;1.0' 'Sp' '2.248E-05' 60

Average CPD1 Logged CLAP3W Data Raw to Four Seconds

data.process.psap_int '33;32;13;12,34;32;14;12,35;32;15;12' '9;0.0;1.0' 6 2.248E-05 4

Note the output is red, green, then blue in this example.

Three ways to calculate hourly averages for PSAP-3W data

Calculating absorptions using data.avg and backing out the Weiss correction:

data.get cpr A12a 2009:40 2009:50 | data.edit.corr.psap_weiss_undo | \
  data.avg --interval=1h --contam --nocut --nostddev > instrument.cpd2

Calculating absorptions using instrument transmittances:

data.get cpr A12a,A12m 2009:40 2009:50 | data.process.psap_int --cpd2 --cpd2out \
  --instrument=A13 IrB,IrG,IrR Q '' 1.93E-5 3600 > transmittance.cpd2

Calculating absorptions using instrument intensities:

data.get cpr A12m 2009:40 2009:50 | data.process.psap_int --cpd2 --cpd2out \
  --instrument=A14 'IpB;;IfB,IpG;;IfG,IpR;;IfR' Q '' \
  1.93E-5 3600 > intensities.cpd2

Combining all three files:

data.multiplex instrument.cpd2 transmittance.cpd2 intensities.cpd2 | \
  data.consolidate --source=- 'Ba*'