data.process.ingest.tsi_neph takes raw TSI 3563 Nephelometer data either as a direct dump from the instrument or as data logged with a CPD(2) raw data logger and converted it into CPD2 style records.

If processing a direct dump (that is one without a logging timestamp) then the times in the “T” raw records are used, otherwise the timestamp of logging is used. In both cases the time may be corrected to an offset with the –start option.

Generates "a", "m", "s", and "c" records at the instrument reporting time base.

Command Line Usage

data.process.ingest.tsi_neph [--start=timestamp]  [--input=raw|linetime|M300|CPD2|CPD1]
                             [--station=STN] [--blanktime=X] [--instID=S11] [--round-time=X]
                             [inputFile ...]



Overrides the start of the file to the given time, any convertible time format is accepted. If present than data is assumed to start at the given real time, and will be offset from the time in the file accordingly.


Set input file format. Raw is a direct dump of the neph data, “linetime” specifies that the first field is a valid convertible time, “CPD2” specifies CPD2 formatted raw data, “M300” is the M300 DAQ system, and requires two fields at the start, a time and a date. The default is to use raw unless the first line starts with an “!” indicating CPD2 data.


Set the station to output records as, defaulting to NIL.


Set the blank time in seconds. If present and greater than zero this option causes the total and back scattering to be output as missing for that many seconds before and after a zero or blank reported by the neph. That is, setting this to 60 will cause one minute before and after the time around the zero and leading/trailing blank to be reported as missing in addition to the actual zero/blank time as reported by the neph itself.


Round all timestamps to the nearest X seconds.


Set the instrument to generate data for, defaulting to S11.

inputFile ...

List of time sorted input files, if none are present then it reads from standard input.

Example Usage

cnvt_neph --instID=S81 < rawNephData