data.process.ingest.aeth takes raw Aethalometer data and outputs basic a records for it.

Command Line Usage

data.process.ingest.aeth [--input=CPD2|csv|brw|mlo|timestamped] 
                         [--output=A11] [--station=NIL] 
                         [--wavelengths=...] [file|-]



Select the input data format.

  • CPD2 - CPD2 Style raw data logger output.
  • csv - Raw CSV data from the output data stream.
  • timestamped - Raw data with an external timestamp as the first field.
  • brw - BRW legacy data.
  • mlo - MLO legacy data.


Instrument to output for, defaulting to A11.


Set the station to output records as, defaulting to NIL.


The measurement wavelengths in the order they are reported by the instrument. Defaults to 370, 470, 520, 590, 660, 880, 950.


Filename to read, or “-” for standard input. Defaults to standard input.

Example Usage

data.process.ingest.aeth BC032310.CSV

To process one-wavelength data:

data.process.ingest.aeth --wavelengths=880 BC040813.CSV