data.edit.standard_corr reads standard_corr.conf and based on that applies a sequence of standard corrections to the data stream. It can apply the effects of the data.rrneph.get (zero subtraction only), data.edit.corr.psap_oldflags (transmittance flags in F_aer only, for exporting),data.edit.corr.neph_stp, data.edit.corr.scale (for neph loss corrections only), data.edit.corr.psap_bond, and data.edit.corr.neph_trunc. The sequence of application is fixed in that order. The processing is significantly faster than using several separate programs called by data.edit.corr if the necessary corrections can be performed by it.

Note that the program assumes that it is the only source of the corrections it applies. That is, it should not be intermixed with data.edit.corr sequences in time. Also note that it assumes standard record definitions.

  • Neph records contain all the scatterings and backscatterings as well as the temperature and pressure for that neph within the single record.
  • PSAP records contain all the transmittances and absorptions for that PSAP within the single record.
  • If an instrument specific flags field exists, it only exists within the main “a” record for that instrument. Note that this means it cannot properly correct neph “s” records (but those are not used in the normal editing stream).

Must be called from within the environment set up by data.edit.get. Will fail outside of that.

Also accepts a “–config=file” argument that can override the configuration file location.