data.edit.corr.psap_weiss_apply applies the Weiss correction to PSAP data.

data.edit.corr.psap_weiss_apply can operate as either an independent filter (provided the correct input is given) or as part of the correction chain

Command Line Usage

data.edit.corr.psap_weiss_apply [--input=A11] [--calTr=A,B] [Ba1,Tr1 ... BaN,TrN]



Specify what instrument or record base to use as the input, instead of trying to match what's available. Required if the input stream is ambiguous.


Specify the constants to use for the Weiss correction. By default 0.814 and 1.237.

Ba1,Tr1 ... BaN,TrN

If present the trailing list of bare words is treated as the list of absorption and transmittance pairs to apply the correction to.

Example Usage

data.get xal A11a,A11m 2008:10 2008:11 | data.edit.corr.psap_weiss_apply