data.edit.corr.psap_oldflags handles the needed flags conversion for PSAP data made with the translation layer (that only has F_aer) to normal CPD2 data (that has both F1 and F2). It also sets the 0x0020 (Tr < 0.7) flag in F_aer if any transmittance is below that (for when data is exported back to CPD1). When F2 is not present it is set with both the Weiss correction flagged as applied and the transmittances being their instrument reported values. Any transmittance threshold flags are also set.

data.edit.corr.psap_oldflags can operate as either an independent filter (provided the correct input is given) or as part of the correction chain

Command Line Usage

data.edit.corr.psap_oldflags [--input=A11]



Specify what instrument or record base to use as the input, instead of trying to match what's available. Required if the input stream is ambiguous.

Example Usage

data.get sgp A11a 2008:10 2008:11 | data.edit.corr.psap_oldflags