data.edit.corr.aeth_calc_abs calculates absorption coefficients from Aetholemeter data. It uses the reported attenuation and flow and loads the spot sizes from the segmentation for the instrument in the $INSTRUMENT_spot segments.

data.edit.corr.aeth_calc_abs can operate as either an independent filter (provided the correct input is given) or as part of the correction chain

Command Line Usage

data.edit.corr.aeth_abs_calc [--input=A11] [--simple=N1,N2...]



Specify what instrument or record base to use as the input, instead of trying to match what's available. Required if the input stream is ambiguous.


Specify constants used to convert the black carbon concentrations to absorptions. The constants should be in m^2/g.

Example Usage

data.get mlo A81a 2010:1 1d | data.edit.corr.aeth_calc_abs