data.comments.modify is the interface by which external programs can alter data comments for a station.

Uses comments.conf to determine which types of comments must be fragmented on overlap.

Command Line Usage

data.comments.modify <add|remove> [station] start end tag archive
data.comments.modify raw [station]

When using the first form all standard input until EOF (CTRL-D) is taken as the comment data.


start and end

The time specifiers for the data to be retrieved. Start is inclusive while end is exclusive, so all comments intersecting within the half open interval [start,end) will be returned. Any convertible time format is accepted. Additionally either or both can be “none” to denote positive or negative infinity (all time up till or after).


The station identifier code. For example 'brw'. Case insensitive.


Target archive. May be “all” to modify comments attached to all archives.

raw mode

For the raw interface, input is a series of records of the form (byte width in parentheses):

  Action(1) La(2) Archive(La) Ts(8) Te(8) Lt(2) Tag(Lt) Ld(4) Data(Ld)


Either 0 or 1, for add and remove, respectively.


Archive length, unsigned in host byte order.


Archive name.

Ts and Te

Start and end time as a double-precision float in host byte ordering. Either being zero indicates +/- infinity.


Length of the tag, unsigned in host byte order.


Tag data string, Lt bytes long.


Length of the data, unsigned in host byte order.


Data string, Ld bytes long.

Example Usage

Remove a comment from a file

data.comments.modify remove sgp 2008:10 2008:11 user raw < comment.txt

Add a comment from standard input

data.comments.modify add sgp 2008:10 2008:11 note raw

End input by pressing CTRL-D.