The configuration file used by data.aggregate.ccnfit. It is located in $DB/etc/$STATION/ccnfit.$STATION.conf or in the default location $DB/etc/ccnfit.conf. If the station specific file does not exist then the default one is used.


Lines beginning with '#' are treated as comments. Data is comma separated. Each line consists of a type identifier (case insensitive) and data for that type. The file is segmented into sections denoting that configuration for a specific CCN for a given time range. The segment continues until the key “End” is encountered.

The specification for a CCN time segment begins with the base instrument name (“N11”) followed by the start and end times of that segment, either of which may be omitted or “0” to mark +/- infinity.

Within each segment the following keys are valid:

  • Bin - Designate a bin for SS/CCN averaging, takes two parameters, the start and end time of the bin. The times are relative to the start of the scan, so “30:00” designates 30 minutes after the start of the scan. Either may be omitted or “0” to designate +/- infinity.
  • Scan - Specify the scan time, defaulting to one hour.
  • End - End the segment.

A time specifier may be on of the following forms:


To specify an exact time in hours, minutes and seconds.



To specify an integer number of hours, minutes or seconds.