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Plastic Pumpbox (New)

Additional information on plastic pumpbox design coming soon!

Wooden Pumpbox (Old)

The pumpbox is a sturdy wooden box containing the pumps for the aerosol system. It's constructed so that it can be placed outside the trailer or building that the sampling instruments are in making for a quieter work-place for the scientists. The pumpbox also contains a filter for collecting particulate exhaust from the carbon vane pumps. It's vented so it doesn't get too hot. These are various means of checking flows & ensuring the pumps are operating correctly.

Click for construction sketch of pumpbox.

The pumpbox provides the suction to pull the sample throuth the aerosol instrumentation. The pumpbox has a 20 amp surge at start up and pulls 17 amps continuously.

Click for the flow diagram.

The pumpbox sits close to the base of the stack. It contains pumps, a blower, delta pressure monitors and flow meters to monitor the air pulled through the system.

The pumpbox has a vent on one side and a fan on the other side to facilitate cooling.

Delta pressure gauges and rotameters provide an indication of the flows.

Closeup of the pumpbox contents
The white cylinder is an exhaust filter to remove particles generated by the carbon vane pumps.

Closeup of the pumpbox contents