February 2019

Bryan Thomas, Station Chief at the Barrow Observatory, Alaska, was awarded the GMD Team Member of the Quarter Award in February 2019 in recognition for his time and effort running the Barrow Observatory single-handedly this past quarter, keeping GMD’s critical measurements going, supporting new Observatory design efforts, getting the solar albedo rack communications upgraded from a phone line to WiFi, repairing the bobcat, moving snow and coordinating heavy equipment, and hosting outreach and media events, all the while maintaining a positive attitude in the cold and dark winter months and during the recent shutdown. Congratulations, Bryan, and thank you for your extensive contributions to the polar scientific community.

December 2018

The HATS flask analysis team of Debbie Mondeel, Carolina Siso, and David Nance have provided important analyses of the recent atmospheric growth increase of CFC-11, an important ozone depleting gas regulated by the Montreal Protocol. Their contributions were critical to a recent paper by Montzka et al. (2018) on possible illegal production of CFC-11, and to a recent meeting about the Montreal Protocol. Their jobs require meticulous work on calibration, analysis, data recording, flask repair, and interaction with station staff on issues of sampling. They have helped to continue the GMD flask record from 1977 to the present.