ESRL Director's Office Seminar

Jeff de La Beaujardiere

Jeff de La Beaujardière

NOAA Data Management Architect

Monday, 16 June 2014, 9:30 am
David Skaggs Research Center
Room GC402

NOAA Environmental Data Management Activities


Environmental data, including observations and model outputs, are critical to NOAA's mission and are valuable national assets that should be readily available to decision-makers, business, academia, and the taxpayers who provide the funding. NOAA data should be discoverable through catalogs and search engines, accessible via online services, usable by virtue of well-known formats and appropriate metadata, and preserved for long-term reuse. This talk will discuss policy and technical activities to improve data management at NOAA, inter-agency, and international levels.


Jeff de La Beaujardière has been the NOAA Data Management Architect since 2011. He chairs the NOAA Environmental Data Management Committee and the Data Management Integration Team, and co-chairs the US Group on Earth Observations: Data Management Working Group. Jeff came to NOAA in 2008 as Senior System Architect for the Integrated Ocean Observing System. He was previously at NASA, working with the Geospatial Interoperability Office, Digital Earth, GLOBE Program, Public Use of Remote Sensing Data project, and Scientific Visualization Studio, and has been working on systems and standards for public access to Earth science data for nearly 20 years. Previously, his research focused on theory, modeling, and observations of solar flares. He holds a BA in Physics from UC Berkeley and a PhD in Astrophysics from University of Colorado.