ESRL Dedication

The ESRL Dedication August 23-24, 2006

NOAA's research laboratories and centers in Boulder consolidated into the Earth System Research Laboratory. ESRL's mission is to observe and understand the Earth system and to conduct a program of integrated research to advance NOAA's environmental and information services on global-to-local scales. This dedication celebrates its formation and shares the exciting science programs being conducted here.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006 - Dedication Ceremony

Introductory Remarks
  • Brigadier General John J. Kelly Jr. (Ret.), Deputy Under Secretary for Oceans and Atmosphere
  • Mark Udall, U.S. Representative, Colorado, District 2
  • Wayne Allard, U.S. Senator, Colorado
Keynote Address
  • Mark Udall, U.S. Representative, Colorado, District 2
Keynote Address
  • Wayne Allard, U.S. Senator, Colorado
ESRL Serving Society: Understanding Stratospheric Ozone Depletion Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow - Presentation
  • Dr. Susan Solomon
Improving Predictions from Minutes to Millennia - Presentation
  • Dr. Alexander MacDonald
Reception Hosted by the University of Colorado - Boulder
  • Chancellor George Peterson

Thursday, August 24, 2006 - Science Panels

Opening Remarks
  • Hank Brown, President, University of Colorado
Global Carbon Dioxide Research: Past, Present, and Future - Overview
Chair: Dr. David Hofmann, Program Representative, NOAA/OAR Carbon Cycle Program
Global Carbon Dioxide Research - Presentation
Dr. David Hofmann
Investigations of the Global Carbon Cycle through Measurements of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide - Presentation
Dr. Pieter Tans
From the Present to the Future - Presentation
Dr. Wouter Peters
Video Tour of Carbon Cycle Science at Pt. Barrow, Alaska Observatory - Windows Media - 10M
Dan Endres, Station Chief
Regional Air Quality and Public Health: Information for Decision Makers - Overview
  • Chair: Dr. James Meagher, Program Manager, NOAA Air Quality Program
Air Quality Research at ESRL - Presentation
Dr. Jim Meagher
Regional Air Quality Assessments - Presentation
Dr. Fred Fehsenfeld
The Meteorological Aspects of Regional Air Quality - Presentation
Dr. Allen White
Simultaneous Forecasting of Air Quality and Weather at ESRL - Presentation
Dr. Georg Grell
Climate Change in the Arctic: A Bellwether for the Planet? - Overview
  • Chair: Taneil Uttal, Program Lead, NOAA Arctic Atmospheric Observing Program
Introduction - Presentation
Taneil Uttal
The Arctic on the Fast Track of Change - Presentation
Dr. Mark Serreze
Research Activities at ESRL and CIRES: Untangling the WHY of Arctic Variability- Presentation
Taneil Uttal
From GEOSS to Models: Filling the Gap between Observations and Predictions - Overview
  • Chair: Dr. Steven Koch, Deputy Director, Developmental Test-Bed Center
GEOSS: Overview and Societal Benefits - Presentation
Dr. Steven Koch
Assessing the Impact of Current and Future Observing Systems on Environmental Predications - Presentation
Dr. Stephen Weygandt
Testbeds: Bridging the Gap between Observing Systems and Predictions - Presentation
Dr. F. Martin Ralph
Integrating Observations and Models to Improve Decision Support: Developing Early Warning Systems - Presentation
Dr. Randall Dole