Safety Program

Alternative Work Arrangements (Telework)

Information for Federal Employees

  1. If you wish to telework, please talk to and receive approval from your supervisor before proceeding (training is required for both supervisors and teleworking employees). There are now two Telework designations, Plan A and Plan B. See Q5 in the OAR Telework FAQ to determine which plan you and your supervisor agree on for you. (Basically Plan A is ad hoc/unscheduled telework of not more than 80 hours a year and not required when the site is closed; Plan B is regular/recurring telework and employee teleworks when the site is closed.)
  2. Take the required training via the CLC:
    1. Go to the Commerce Learning Center
    2. Enter your full email address and your CLC password
    3. Search on "Telework for Government Employees" (via search box, upper right)
    4. Register for and launch the course, agree to the conditions, and follow prompts to take the training (approximately 1 hour)
    5. When complete, go to "transcript" and click the left button just under "Aggregate Training Completed." Drop down to choose "Completed." Click on "View Certificate" on the right side of the training, and download your completed training certificate.
    6. Give your division Telework Coordinator a copy of your completion certificate when you submit your approved/signed telework agreement (either print or email is fine).
  3. Complete the Department of Commerce Telework Application package , sign it and have your supervisor sign it (3 signatures each), and return it to your division Telework Coordinator (303-497-3134, Jeanne Waters) with your training certificate. Because it contains PII (personally identifiable information) it should not be emailed.

Please refer to the detailed Department of Commerce Telework Policy (October 2014) from DOC Work Life Issues: Telework for more info.