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Journal of Physical Chemistry A Tribute Issue

22 June 2012

JPC cover
Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 116(24), 2012

The June 2012 issue of the Journal of Physical Chemistry A was a special tribute issue, known as a Festschrift, to CSD's Director "Ravi" A.R. Ravishankara. It was organized by Guest Editors Jim Burkholder (CSD), Yinon Rudich (Weizmann Institue), and Paul Wine (Georgia Tech). The issue's preface was dedicated to Ravi by the guest editors and also featured his autobiography and accomplishments.

About the special issue cover: Chemical processes play critical roles in determining atmospheric abundances and the influence of atmospheric constituents on various phenomena and environmental issues. The chemical processes are predominated by gas-phase reactions, heterogeneous/multiphase chemistry, and photochemistry. A triad of approaches to understand and quantify processes includes laboratory studies, field observations, and modeling.