Jessica Gilman

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Research Chemist

Tropospheric Chemistry

Mailing address:
NOAA ESRL Chemical Sciences Division
325 Broadway, R/CSD7
Boulder, CO 80305 USA

Phone: 303-497-4949

Currently, my research is focused on conducting in-situ measurements of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in order to identify their sources and influences on ozone and secondary organic aerosol formation. To accomplish this, I utilize custom-built gas chromatograph-mass spectrometers (GC-MS) to provide highly speciated chemical measurements of a variety of VOCs aboard research vessels, at ground-sites, and in laboratories. We have the added capability of collecting airborne samples aboard the NOAA WP-3D research aircraft using whole air samplers (WAS).


Ph.D. in Analytical and Atmospheric Chemistry, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado
B.S. in Chemistry, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio


I am interested in studying the sources and chemical evolution of organic compounds in the atmosphere and their associated affects on air quality and climate. This includes characterizing the primary emissions of organics into the atmosphere from anthropogenic and biogenic sources and understanding the complex oxidation cycles that affect these species.

Current Topics

  • Characterizing emissions of hydrocarbons, oxygenated VOCs, and nitrogen-containing VOCs from controlled laboratory biomass burns in 2016 and for the 2019 NOAA/NASA FIREX-AQ airborne measurement campaign
  • Emission of volatile chemical products in New York City and Los Angeles
  • VOC emissions associated with oil and natural gas operations in several major U.S. shale basins
  • Airborne measurements of biogenic and anthropogenic VOCs in the southeastern U.S. as part of the SENEX campaign

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