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David Parrish Elected as Fellow of American Geophysical Union

29 July 2014
David Parrish

Dr. David D. Parrish

Dr. David D. Parrish has been elected as a Fellow of the American Geophysical Union, "in recognition of outstanding research on long-range transport of ozone pollution, through his studies of the emissions, chemical processes, and physical phenomena responsible for the formation and transport of tropospheric ozone pollution."

Election to AGU Fellow is an honor reserved for less than 0.1% of AGU's membership in any given year. David's election to this honor is well deserved. His work at NOAA has reshaped the thinking about ozone pollution, shifting the scales from local to intercontinental. His leadership of groundbreaking integrated field studies, and his insightful and innovative analyses of the data, provided the foundation for this paradigm shift. David has also led the development of a new way to deliver air quality science findings quickly to decision-makers who need the information, through "rapid science synthesis" reports within a few weeks of major field studies. David and the other 2014 Fellows will be recognized at the Fall Meeting of the AGU, to be held in December in San Francisco.