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water vapor tape recorder timeseries

A timeseries of the 20°S-20°N average water vapor concentration, the so-called "water vapor tape recorder." The top 4 panels show the tape recorder signal from individual satellite instruments. The bottom two panels show the combined product (next to bottom) and the combined+filled product (bottom).

SWOOSH: Stratospheric Water and OzOne Satellite Homogenized data set

The Stratospheric Water and OzOne Satellite Homogenized (SWOOSH) data set is a merged record of stratospheric ozone and water vapor measurements taken by a number of limb sounding and solar occultation satellites over the previous ~30 years. The SWOOSH record spans 1984 to present, and is comprised of data from the SAGE-II/III, UARS HALOE, UARS MLS, and Aura MLS instruments. The measurements are homogenized by applying corrections that are calculated from data taken during time periods of instrument overlap.

The primary SWOOSH data product consists of monthly-mean zonal-mean values on a pressure grid. In addition to the primary (zonal-mean) grid, SWOOSH data are also available on 3D (longitude/latitude/pressure), equivalent latitude, and isentropic grids.

The gridded data include the mean, standard deviation, number of observations, and mean uncertainty from each instrument. Also included is a merged (multi-instrument) product based on a weighted mean of the available measurements. Because the merged product contains missing data, a merged and filled product is also provided for (e.g., modeling) studies requiring a continuous dataset.

Point of Contact: S. Davis, NOAA / CIRES

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Data Access

Files may be downloaded in either netcdf 4 format or as IDL savefiles. The "All Grids, All Coordinates" files are gzip'd tar files.

current data range: Jan 1984 - Aug 2017

Horizontal GridVertical CoordinateDownload Links (password required - refer to the SWOOSH Data Policy)
10° zonal-meanpressurenetcdf (183MB)IDL savefile (183MB)
5° zonal-meanpressurenetcdf (365MB)IDL savefile (365MB)
2.5° zonal-meanpressurenetcdf (730MB)IDL savefile (730MB)
10° zonal-meanisentropicnetcdf (113MB)IDL savefile (113MB)
5° zonal-meanisentropicnetcdf (227MB)IDL savefile (227MB)
2.5° zonal-meanisentropicnetcdf (453MB)IDL savefile (453MB)
20° lon x 5°pressurenetcdf (3227MB)IDL savefile (3227MB)
30° lon x 10°pressurenetcdf (1076MB)IDL savefile (1076MB)
All GridsAll Coordinatesnetcdf (1442MB tgz)IDL savefile (1438MB tgz)

Alternatively download SWOOSH data via FTP (password required - refer to the SWOOSH Data Policy)


SWOOSH User's Guide PDF file

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