R/V Atlantis Daily Plan

Daily plans post here, and include meeting times and information about weather.

Plan / Status: 05/27/2010 1600 Mountain

Thursday night 27-28 May: LA bight. Winds moderate to strong NW except a narrow band of lighter winds right onshore. No significant outflow. Clouds decreasing.

Friday 28 May: LA harbor. A period of light and variable winds midday in Santa Monica Bay possible. Some outflow possible in Santa Monica Bay and harbor. Slight chance of low cloud.

Friday night 28-29 May: LA bight. Winds moderate to strong NW offshore, light and variable near shore with a pronounced eddy centered near Catalina toward morning. Outflow possible, best south of Palos Verdes. Some low cloud in the eddy.

Saturday 29 May: LA bight. Winds decreasing in the bight. Eddy dissipating, winds becoming onshore at the coast. Outflow continues into the day. Clouds dissipating or shifting south.

Outlook: Outflow/eddy likely Sunday morning. Clouds remaining scarce through Sunday. Generally improving conditions under ridging or at least less pronounced troughing.

Uncertainties/retrospective: COAMPS shows much less cloud than is present today.

Sources: http://www.esrl.noaa.gov/csd/metproducts/wrf/ for fine-resolution WRF and Flexpart products. http://www.sccoos.org/data/coamps/output/coampsfs.tticluster.com/coamps-os/cgi-bin/COAMPSOS_vis_dynamic_matrix.tcl%3fuser=opsu&project=NAVAIR_West&dtg=2010051200 for COAMPS fine-resolution products.

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