Tropospheric Chemistry: Instruments

NOxCaRD instrument

NOxCaRD instrument

NOxCaRD (Nitrogen Oxides by Cavity Ring Down)

Principle of the Measurement

diode laser cavity ring down spectroscopy

Species Measured

NO, NO2, O3, NOy

Time Response / Detection Limit

1 second / 30 pptv


custom built

Field Projects

  • ACCRONIM 2009
  • CalNex 2010
  • UBWOS 2012, 2013, 2014
  • SOAS 2013
  • DISCOVER-AQ 2014
  • SONGNEX 2015


Bill Dubé, Steve Brown

Key Publications

Fuchs, H., W. P. Dubé, B. M. Lerner, N. L. Wagner, E. J. Williams, and S. S. Brown, A sensitive and versatile detector for atmospheric NO2 and NOx based on blue diode laser cavity ring-down spectroscopy, Environmental Science & Technology, doi:10.1021/es902067h, 2009.