ESRL Staff

Office of the Director

Last Name First Name Email Affiliation Phone
Allison William Federal 303.497.5408
Beeler Rich Contractor 303.497.6841
Collander Randall Cooperative Institute 303.497.5960
Dunlap Rocky Contractor 303.497.3604
Ennis Steve Federal 303.497.6372
Findley Cheryl Contractor 303.497.6006
Hsia Alex Federal 303.497.6351
Janssen Jerry Federal 303.497.6647
Kelleher Kevin Federal 303.497.4104
Mascola Mike Contractor 303.497.4487
Reiser Ann Federal 303.497.6634
Rosen Dan Federal 303.497.7734
Rothstein Mathew Federal 303.497.3293
Schmidt Allan Federal 303.497.4157
Stewart Katy Federal 303.497.6005
Tsuno Eugene Contractor 303.497.4605
Venema Sarah Contractor 303.497.6647
Wilsey Jason Contractor 303.497.6470
Zezula CDR David Federal 303.497.6088

Division Staff Lists

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