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  NOAA/ESRL/PSD Realtime Satellite Research: Images and Data

Archive of NOAA/ESRL/PSD Realtime Satellite Images and Data

Variable Product Time Resolution Region
Integrated Water Vapor Pacific IWV 2 x daily Feb 2004 - Current
Global IWV Feb 2011 - Current
North Atlantic IWV
North Pacific IWV
North Pacific IWV Swath Feb 2005 - Current
Cloud Liquid Water Pacific CLW 2 x daily Oct 2005 - Current
Global CLW Feb 2011 - Current
North Atlantic CLW
North Pacific CLW
Rain Rate Pacific Rain Rate 2 x daily Oct 2005 - Current
Global Rain Rate Feb 2011 - Current
North Atlantic Rain Rate
North Pacific Rain Rate

Flux Images and Data
Sensors Product Time Resolution Period
AMSU-A 10m Air Temperature Data 3-Hourly Jan 1999 - Dec 2011
AMSU-A & SSM/I 10m Air Temperature Data
10m Specific Humidity Data
CO2 Gas Transfer Velocity

HMT Satellite Image Support Page
Older Daily and Monthly Archived Products

Disclaimer! Images in this archive are generated from realtime operational data and retrieval methods subject to revision. These images are intended for qualitative analysis only.