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Program Status for 6 February 2001 : IOP 06

Status | Flight Observations | Forecast Discussion | Aircraft Status | Flight Plan | Soundings Status

February 6 0810 P3 take-off at 0807 PST.
Wednesday, February 7 No flight. Weather briefing 1000 PST.

Status | Flight Observations | Forecast Discussion | Aircraft Status | Flight Plan | Soundings Status

In Flight Observations
February 6 1523 PST At 38deg41minN, 124deg14minW (spiralling down at pt 17)
at 591 mb (spiral top):
winds: 67kt, 318deg
air temp: -14.9degC ,dewpt temp: -45.4degC

at 976 mb (spiral bottom), ~1000 ft:
winds: 37kt 336deg
air temp: 5.1degC ,dewpt temp: -2.7degC

We are now heading for Monterey at 1000ft. ETA 4:20pm PST (wheels on the ground).

February 6 1518 PST At 38deg44minN, 123deg48minW :
at 779 mb (porp bottom)
winds: 47kt, 342deg
air temp: -8.1degC ,dewpt temp: -17.5degC
February 6 1513 PST At 38deg48minN, 123deg21minW :
at 591 mb (porp top at 14000 ft):
winds: 59 kt, 316deg
air temp: -18.9degC ,dewpt temp: -42.9degC
February 6 1509 PST At 38deg52minN, 123deg0minW :

at 775 mb (at porp bottom)
winds: 31kt, 330deg
air temp: -8.8degC ,dewpt temp: -12.9degC

February 6 1503 PST At 38deg57minN, 122deg29minW (have started final porpoise, moving to pt 17; heading: 264deg)

at 595 mb (at porp top):
winds: 19kt, 335deg
air temp: -22.9degC ,dewpt temp: -34.4degC

February 6 1445 PST Moderate turbulence on east side of coastal mntns at ~ 38deg56minN, 122deg43minW, at 780 mb.
February 6 1438 PST At 39deg4minN, 122deg3minW (at pt 16, about to begin final porpoise)

at 980 mb:
winds: 10kt 315deg
air temp: -6.9degC ,dewpt temp: -7.9degC

February 6 1438 PST At 38deg49minN, 123deg26minW, (about to cross coastal mntns; heading: 70deg)
at 780 mb:
winds: 49kt, 338deg
air temp: -7.6degC ,dewpt temp: -16.1degC
February 6 1418 PST At 38deg46minN, 123deg59minW (at pt 14)

at 982 mb (~1000 ft)
winds: 40kt, 341deg
air temp: 5.7degC ,dewpt temp: 0.3degC

At UTC, P3 at (at pt 15)
at 982 mb:
winds: 38kt, 342deg
air temp: 5.3degC ,dewpt temp: 0.1degC

at 780 mb:
winds: 46kt, 339deg
air temp: -8.0degC ,dewpt temp: -22.0degC

We are now moving to pt 16 at ~7000ft.

February 6 1410 PST At 39deg19minN, 124deg8minW (heading: 170deg)
at 982mb:
winds: 36kt, 338deg
air temp: 5.2degC, dewpt temp: -2.2degC
February 6 1349 PST At 39deg25minN, 124deg38minW (now at pt 12 and spiralling down)

at 526 mb (at porp top):
winds: 71kt, 315deg
air temp: -21.2degC ,dewpt temp: -48.1degC

at 982 mb (spiral bottom)
winds: 34kt, 338deg
air temp: 5.3degC ,dewpt temp: 0.4degC

Secondary wind max at 850mb; 45kt 348deg

February 6 1344 PST At 39deg28minN, 124deg8minW:

at 696 mb (porp bottom):
winds: 44kt, 340deg
air temp: -14.6degC, dewpt temp: -32.1degC

February 6 1338 PST At 39deg32minN, 123deg38minW:

At 525 mb (porp top):
winds: 54kt, 310deg
air temp:-24.4degC , dewpt temp: -49.1degC

February 6 1327 PST Have begun porpoise from pt 11 to pt 12.

At 2127 UTC, P3 at 39deg41minN, 122deg40minW:
at 529 mb (porp top):
winds: 36kt, 298deg
air temp: -26.1degC ,dewpt temp: -46.1degC

At UTC, P3 at :
at 695 mb (porp bottom)
winds: 36kt, 337deg
air temp: -15.1degC ,dewpt temp: -17.1degC

February 6 1315 PST At 39deg43minN, 122deg36minW, 700 mb, (almost to pt 11, heading: 79deg)
Obs: winds: 10kt, 4deg, air temp: -13.4degC ,dewpt temp: -15.4degC
February 6 1305 PST At 39deg35minN, 123deg21minW, 701 mb, (moving to pt 11 at ~10000ft)
Obs: winds: 346deg, 40kt, air temp: -14.4degC ,dewpt temp: -20.7degC
February 6 1253 PST At 39deg25min, 124deg25minW, 700 mb, (just spiralled up at pt 10 moving at 700 mb, ~10000 ft toward pt 11, heading: 70deg)
Obs: winds: 337deg, 45kt, air temp: -14.1degC ,dewpt temp: -26.0degC
February 6 1243 PST At 39deg27min, 124deg15minW, 979 mb, at pt 9, now moving toward pt 10: heading 269deg
Obs: winds: 338deg, 39kt, air temp: 5.0degC ,dewpt temp: 0.6degC
February 6 1235 PST At 40deg0minN, 124deg20minW, 979 mb (~1000 ft), at pt 8, moving to pt 9 heading: 175deg
Obs: winds: 33kt, 344deg, air temp: 4.4degC ,dewpt temp: 1.3degC
February 6 1224 PST At 39deg54minN, 124deg51minW, 527 mb, (at pt 7)
Obs: winds: 316deg, 74kt, air temp: -20.5degC ,dewpt temp:-47.4degC

at lowest pt in porpoise (~10000ft)
at 695 mb:
winds:42kt, 344deg
at 2012 UTC at 40deg4minN, 123deg51minW

February 6 1206 PST At 40deg7minN, 123deg27minW, 527 mb, heading toward pt 7, heading: 263deg
Obs: winds: 313deg, 32kt, air temp:-27.0degC ,dewpt temp:-49.6degC

At lowest altitude in porpoise (~10000ft):
at 670mb, winds: 333deg, 34kt
40deg11minN, 123deg2minW at 2001 UTC

February 6 1156 PST At 40deg15minN, 122deg42minW, 527 mb, porpoising toward pt 7: heading 261deg
Obs: winds:12.4kt, 289deg, air temp:-28.3degC ,dewpt temp:-43.4degC
February 6 1148 PST At 40deg18minN, 122deg31minW, 668 mb, about to turn back at pt 6 for porpoise
Obs: winds: 326deg, 150kt, air temp: -15.1degC ,dewpt temp:-23.9degC
February 6 1130 PST At 40deg2minN, 124deg,9minW, 692 mb, heading to pt 6 at 10000 ft
Obs: winds: 336deg, 35 kt, air temp: -15.5degC ,dewpt temp: -20.7degC
February 6 1115 PST At 39deg55minN, 124deg49minW, 978 mb, heading to pt 6 at 10000 ft
Obs: winds:30kt 342deg, air temp:2.5degC ,dewpt temp: -1.5degC
February 6 1111 PST At 39deg59minN, 124deg30minW, 979 mb, heading: 266deg
Obs: winds: 343deg, 44kt, air temp: 3.7degC ,dewpt temp: 1.0degC
February 6 1055 PST At 40deg45minN, 124deg27minW, 978 mb
Obs: winds:344deg, 30kt, air temp: 4.1degC ,dewpt temp: 0.0degC

At 40deg30minN, 124deg26minW winds at 1000 ft show a distinct drop-off in speeds (31kt, 340 deg)

February 6 1040 PST At 40deg1minN, 124deg23minW, 978 mb, heading now to pt 3; 352deg
Obs: winds: 341deg, 42kt, air temp: 5.1degC ,dewpt temp:-1.0degC
February 6 1030 PST At 39deg30minN, 124deg13minW, 978 mb
Obs: wind: 336deg, 42 kt, air temp: 5.1deg C ,dewpt temp:-2.2degC
Estimate 40-45 kt at surface based on rough sea state.
February 6 1000 PST During spiral descent at pt 15:
Wind max was at 505mb (72kt, 290deg)
Secondary wind peak: at 705mb, 54kt, 310deg
Winds below 705 mb have steady direction of 340 deg

At 38deg44minN, 124deg13minW, 979 mb, heading to pt 2 at 1000 ft
Obs: winds: 40kt, 340deg, air temp: 5.0degC, dewpt temp: -0.9degC

February 6 1000 PST At 38deg43minN, 124deg5minW, 595mb, heading 271deg
Obs: winds: 73kt, 301deg, air temp: -12.7degC, dewpt temp: -41.6degC
February 6 0953 PST At 38deg47minN, 123deg43minW, 765 mb, heading 268deg Obs: winds:308deg, 40kt, air temp: -4.8degC ,dewpt temp:-32.4degC
February 6 0948 PST At 38deg47minN, 123deg43minW, 765 mb, heading 268deg
Obs: winds: 308deg, 40kt air temp: -4.8degC ,dewpt temp:-32.4degC
February 6 0948 PST At 38deg51minN, 123deg20minW, 608 mb, heading 267deg
Obs: winds:279deg, 56kt air temp: -12degC ,dewpt temp:-41.5degC

At highest pt of porpoise ( 596 mb), winds inland were 50kt at 280 deg, air temp: -15degC.

February 6 0931 PST At 39deg1minN, 122deg7minW, 705 mb
heading:270deg , porp manvr from pt 16 to pt 17
Obs: winds:300deg, 26.3kt, ir temp: -4.5degC ,dewpt temp:-25.4degC
February 6 0925 PST At 39deg1minN, 122deg21minW, 784 mb
Obs: winds 311deg, 25kt, air temp -0.6degC ,dewpt temp:-30.7degC
February 6 0916 PST AT 38deg55min, 123deg0min, 784 mb (7000 ft)
Obs: winds 325deg, 36kt, air temp: -0.8degC ,dewpt temp: -34.0degC
February 6 0904 PST At 798 mb (6600 ft), 38deg44minN, 124deg15minW
Obs: winds: 323deg, 40kt, air temp: -2.7degC ,dewpt temp: -15.3degC

Saw winds at 340deg, 42kt at 1000 ft heading outbound toward pt 15 (38 deg 42', 124 deg 20'). White caps seen on sfc.

February 6 0849 PST At 948 mb, 38deg28minN, 123deg44minW
Obs: winds:335deg, 45kt, air temp: 3.5degC ,dewpt temp: 0.1degC
February 6 0834 PST At 946 mb, 37deg46minN, 123deg4minW
Obs: winds 321deg, 40kt, air temp: 3.9degC, dewpt temp:0.4degC
February 6 0827 PST At 946 mb, 37deg27minN, 122deg47minW:
Obs: winds 326deg, 34kt, air temp 4.1degC, Dewpt temp 0.3degC
February 6 0818 PST At 912 mb, 37deg1minN, 122deg23minW:
Obs: winds 322deg, 35kt, air temp 1.3degC, relative humidity 84%
February 6 0814 PST At 911 mb, 36deg48minN, 122deg13minW:
Obs: winds 327deg, 32kt, air temp 1.5degC

Status | Flight Observations | Forecast Discussion | Aircraft Status | Flight Plan | Soundings Status |

Forecast Discussion
PACJET IOP 6 Short Term Forecast Discussion
National Weather Service/PACJET Operations Center, Monterey, CA
2230 UTC February 6, 2001

Strong north winds continue along the northern and central coast of California. The Vorticity maximum associated with this system is moving south along the coast tonight. The upper level low and vort will move into southern California tonight and Wednesday morning. A ridge over the central Pacific will continue the north flow along the west coast.

The 12z runs rapidly diverge on the solution of the next system on Thursday. The AVN solution is faster and has two distinct organized areas. The first front brings rain (.10 to .25 )to northern California just after 00Z Thursday but the front is weak with precipitation staying in northern California. The second organized structure in the cold air would move onshore early Friday morning and be the most active with amounts .5 to 1 inch for the higher terrain. The ETA and MRF solution look to have the initial front a bit slower. The front reaches the northern California coast closer to 6z. The ETA/MRF also would have the initial front stronger and extend south into the San Francisco Bay area Friday. The ETA/MRF solution would also have a much less defined second push onto the coast. With late Thursday being the end of the ETA time frame and allowing another run for the MRF and AVN we will have to wait until Wednesday morning to see best solution.

Extended models continue to diverge with the biggest agreement in maintaining some kind of ridge over the central Pacific into next week with weak short waves moving south along the coast..

Status | Flight Observations | Forecast Discussion | Aircraft Status | Flight Plan | Soundings Status |

Aircraft Status
February 6 Flight scheduled for 0800 PST take-off.
February 7 No flight. Crew change.

Status | Flight Observations | Forecast Discussion | Aircraft Status | Flight Plan | Soundings Status |

Flight Plan
Flight plan for February 6, 2001

Cross-section detailing flight manuovers

Status | Flight Observations | Forecast Discussion | Aircraft Status | Flight Plan | Soundings Status |

Sounding Status
6 February
Bodega Bay18 Z sounding.
CazaderoNo soundings.
Oakland18 Z sounding requested.
RenoNo special soundings requested.
7 February
Bodega BayNo soundings.
CazaderoNo soundings.
OaklandNo special soundings requested.
RenoNo special soundings requested.