Airborne Aerosol Lidar (ABAEL)

Intercontinental Transport and Chemical Transformation (ITCT)

ITCT is a coordinated international research program to address the question, "how does the transport of chemicals from one continent influence the air quality in other continents, as well as regional and global climate?" With increasing evidence that pollutants can be detected at great distances from their sources, ITCT will further the scientific understanding of the consequences of the global transport of pollution both for air quality and for climate.


ITCT 2K2 is a field mission scheduled for the spring of 2002 to investigate the composition of air masses along the Pacific coast of North America. The particular focus is on the influence of anthropogenic emissions on the ozone and aerosol composition.

PSD (formerly ETL) contributes to ITCT 2K2 through the development of ABAEL, an airborne lidar which will be used to locate aerosol layers for in-situ sampling and for mapping the regional distribution of aerosols. PSD will also maintain profiler sites for the characterization of wind fields along the west coast.