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Display Datasets
Various tools are available for plotting the different datasets we store often including the ability to do custom plots
Experimental climate and weather forecasts related to research at PSD are provided as a service
Climate/Weather Monitoring
Maps and plots of the current climate and weather along with some datasets are available.
Custom Weather and Analysis Tools
Composites, correlations, anomaly plots are among the many custom web tools we provide.
Compiled websites for selected Topics
Our expertise is used to gather and make available useful web links and information for selected topics.



PSD Web Products and Tools

PSD has created a set of web products and tools that we have found useful in our research. These products include those that display data, do analysis ane make climate and weather forecasts.

Monitoring Products | Monitoring Datasets

Monitoring Products


These products haven been developed and are use to monitor various aspects of the Earth's weather and climate. Some are still experimental

Plots and Maps

Plot US local precipitation anomalies
Select location from maps and plot accumulated values along with normals.
Monitor SST values in the tropical Atlantic ocean.
Madden Julien (MJO) Monitoring
Satellite, maps, hovmollers and other plots are used to examine the current status of the MJO.
Realtime Boundary Layer Profiler Network:
Images from variables obtained by profiler networks over part of the US including winds, temperature and other.
PSD Real-time Satellite Products
Images from current satellites including GOES, variables such as SSTs, water vapor and other.
PSD Maproom: Weather Products
Textural and model forecast output from a variety of forecast models including ensemble runs.
Monitoring Modes of Coherent Tropical Convective Variability
Regions of wavenumber-frequency filtering for the outgoing longwave radiation (OLR) signals of certain modes of coherent tropical variability.
Texas Trajectory
Current trajectory values over Texas
HMT Soil Moisture Measurements
Plot soil moisture and related measurements for HMT sites
Analysis tools that are *'d can plot the latest data available>


These datasets are at least in part created and updated at PSD to monitor the atmosphere and ocean. In addition to obtaining the data, you can also obtain maps or timeseries with the latest dataset values
Interpolated Outgoing Longwave Radiation (OLR)
OLR data (daily and longer) which is interpolated in space and time to fill in the gaps that typically exist.
International Comprehensive Ocean-Atmosphere Data Set (ICOADS)
A collection of observed data, metadata and processed gridded values for the worlds oceans.
Monthly Atmospheric and Ocean Time Series
A collection of ocean/atmosphere and other useful monthly timeseries which can be downloaded, plotted and compared.
Multivariate ENSO Index (MEI)
An index that can be used to monitor ENSO. It is computed from ocean and atmospheric data sources and is kept up-to-date.