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NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory
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Curriculum Vitae

Recently Submitted Manuscripts, White Papers, etc.

Some Recent Presentations

  • Skill and reliability of reforecast calibrated precip using analog technique, verification against 1/8-degree CCPA pptx
  • Briefing on NWS model performance during Boulder floods pptx
  • Briefing on reforecasts to NCSU pptx pdf
  • Briefing to NWS Western Region SOOs on reforecasts pptx pdf
  • 2013 AMS Annual: Reforecasts to support renewable energy forecasts pptx pdf
  • 2013 AMS Annual: Impact study of mid-latitude targeted observations pptx pdf
  • Verifying 6-10 day and week +2 T850 probabilistic forecasts calibrated with reforecasts pptx pdf
  • WMO/THORPEX/DAOS report 2012 ppt
  • Reforecast overview for CSU pptx
  • Using ensembles for winter weather forecasting (part 1) pptx pdf
  • Using ensembles for winter weather forecasting (part 2) pptx pdf
  • Blocking/MJO in GEFS reforecasts pptx pdf
  • Description of 2nd-generation reforecasts for NCEP/EMC Global Modeling Branch Meeting pptx pdf
  • NCAR Colloquium on weather-climate: talk on ensemble prediction pptx
  • Verification of precipitation forecasts from 2nd-generation GEFS reforecast pptx pdf
  • Issues in using analyses for verification pdf pptx
  • Multi-model vs ECMWF reforecast-calibrated PQPF pdf
  • ECMWF talk on reforecats pptx pdf
  • U Innsbruck talk on reforecasts pptx pdf
  • UKMO/DAOS talk on hybrid pptx
  • Review of HFIP regional modeling, predictability, observability issues pdf
  • Verification of EnKF precipitation forecasts over CONUS pptx pdf
  • Albany UWIG presentation on ensembles pptx pdf
  • AMS 2011 Nongaussian DA talk pptx pdf
  • AMS 2011 New Reforecast Data Set overview pptx pdf
  • AMS 2011 Hurricane Products talk pptx pdf
  • AMS 2011 Final GFS/EnKF statistics for 2010 hurricane season ppt pdf
  • Statistical post-processing of ensemble weather forecasts pptx pdf
  • WGNE 2010 review of ensembles pptx pdf
  • EnKF performance for Nicole remnants, 30 Sep - 1 Oct 2010 pptx pdf
  • Preliminary GFS/EnKF statistics for 2010 hurricane season pptx pdf
  • Reforecast configuration details (as of 13 October 2010) pptx pdf
  • Review of Verification Techniques for ensembles (NCAR ASP 2010) pptx pdf
  • Skill overforecasting (NCAR ASP 2010) ppt pdf
  • Review of ensemble prediction fundamentals for HFIP product workshop pptx pdf
  • Global Ensemble Predictions of 2009ís Tropical Cyclones Initialized with an Ensemble Kalman Filter pptx pdf
  • What constrains spread growth in the EnKF? (AMS 2010) pptx pdf
  • Performance of ensemble prediction systems for TCs during 2010 hurricane season pptx pdf
  • WGNE overview of ensemble research, 2008-2009  pptx pdf
  • State estimation using EnKF (review for U. Heidelberg) pptx ppt pdf
  • THORPEX TTISS presentation on TIGGE vs. ECMWF/reforecast calibration ppt
  • Ensemble forecasting for ESRL MAG ppt
  • Reforecast overview, Nov 2008 ppt
  • WGNE 2008 presentation on ensemble predition ppt
  • Covariance localization overview for Buenos Aires EnKF/4D-Var WMO meeting ppt
  • Six different review presentations on ensemble forecasting to the Mediterranean School of Mesoscale Meteorology, 2008 html
  • Critical review of Bayesian Processor of Forecasts technique using GFS reforecasts pdf
  • Reforecasting applied to short-range forecasts of the Indian Monsoon ppt
  • Training sample size issues for week-2 and week-3 forecasts (for CTB) ppt
  • Seasonal climate prediction overview for NCAR Terrestrial Hydromet Workshop, 2007 ppt
  • Ensemble forecast verification overview for 2007 NCAR verification workshop ppt
  • Improving PQPFs over California using Water Vapor Flux as Predictor (April 2007, NCEP/HPC) (ppt pdf)
  • Ensemble Forecasting Introduction (HEPEX, ECMWF)
  • May 2003 Extended Tornado Outbreak (ppt)
  • Ensemble DA, ECMWF (pdf)