PSD News - 2014

link to article New agreement to extend Atmospheric River Observatory network into Oregon and Washington  (09/02/14)
link to article A look back at the 2013 Colorado floods: How skillful were the precipitation forecasts from the weather forecast models?  (08/29/14)
link to article A seat in the Arctic: PSD to measure air-sea intereactions as part of study to improve mid-latitude weather forecasts  (08/27/14)
link to article Andrea Ray recipient of NOAA General Counsel group award  (08/19/14)
link to article PSD researchers co-author new report highlighting how climate change may affect water in Colorado  (08/05/14)
link to article Cruise underway to study how Arctic ice may affect clouds and ocean-atmosphere processes  (07/25/14)
link to article NOAA and Western Governors sign agreement: collaboration for drought, flooding, and wildfire preparedness  (06/19/14)
link to article Robert Pincus recognized by American Geophysical Union for excellence in refereeing  (06/05/14)
link to article Studying extreme precipitation in Southeastern U.S.  (06/04/14)
link to article Now available! April 2014 issue of National Integrated Drought Information System newsletter  (05/13/14)
link to article Juliana Dias receives Quarterly Journal  Editor's Award  (05/08/14)
link to article Mike Alexander contributor to 3rd National Climate Assessment  (05/07/14)
link to article Common factors behind Greenland 2012 and 1889 melt episodes  (04/24/14)
link to article Hoerling to present for OSU Webinar on Climate Change and Extreme Weather  (04/23/14)
link to article Listen to podcast of Gil Compo being interviewed by HPCwire on the 20th Century Reanalysis Project  (03/11/14)
link to article PSD-developed Climate Change Web Portal to be used for making decisions about fish stocks  (03/04/14)
link to article Proof-of-concept study measures wind speed using microphones  (02/20/14)
link to article Storm hits California coast as PSD researchers kick off atmospheric river study  (02/10/14)
link to article Marty Hoerling discusses West Coast Drought for NPR's Living on Earth series  (02/07/14)
link to article Cathy Smith and Christopher Williams Honored with AMS Awards  (02/04/14)
link to article PSD researchers fly over Pacific Ocean off US West Coast to study atmospheric rivers  (02/03/14)
link to article PSD Welcomes its New Director, Dr. Robert Webb  (01/23/14)