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  Detailed Figure Caption

Detailed Figure Caption


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    In this image, the HWDI has a shading interval of 4 days and a contour interval of 8 days. The change in the index is positive everywhere over the counterminous US, increasing dramatically from the coastlines to the interior southwest US. The values are from the ensemble mean of this statistic: the average of all model simulations using years 2000-2099 for the 21st century and years 1900-1999 for the 20th century. The change in HWDI is greater than 40 over large portions of Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Texas. In this region, the longest period of consecutive days that are 5 degrees C warmer than the 1961-1990 daily mean is on average 40 days longer in the future simulations than the historical simulations. For comparison, the mean HWDI in the 20th century ranges from 7-14 days in this region ( you can view the mean HWDI and other indices from the historical simulations and future changes by clicking on the "View Figures" below. This is largely a reflection of a warming global climate overall, but also indicates there will be strong regional influences in warming patterns.

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