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Site Status as of
Sunday 11th of December 2016 06:10:42 AM UTC
Number of Open Failures: 3
SiteID : Status : FailureType :
FailureID SiteID Site Name State Failure Type Start Date End Date Failure Description Resolution Description
507 fms Freeman Springs AZ Hardware - Instrument 2016-10-26 23:46:00 Datalogger program stopped running at 23:46 UTC. Tried to resend the program to hopefully clear memory and restart the program, but did not work.
508 sac Sacramento CA Hardware - Instrument 2016-10-27 00:00:00 Profiler has bad relays and will be down until further notice.
511 knv Kernville CA Communication - Cellular 2016-11-05 09:00:00 Lost comms with router.