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Custom time series directions

Note: I recently found out that the FTP files could potentially be deleted after 2 days. If this is a problem please email me. I am looking into ways of changing this.

To use your own time series, you place the file in PSD's anonymos ftp server. Type ftp and use anonymous as the login name and your email as the password. Or, use an ftp application of your choice. Then, cd to /Public/incoming/timeseries/ and put the file there. You won't be able to edit or delete the file.

For name of file from the webpage, use /Public/incoming/timeseries/filename. Make sure the full path is specified and is spelled EXACTLY as shown or you will get an error.

year1   yearend
year1   janval febval marval aprval mayval junval julval augval sepval octval novval decval
year2   etc.
yearend janval febval marval aprval mayval junval julval augval sepval octval novval decval
Note that years should be 4 digit integers. There should be at least one space between values. If a value is missing or not defined, use a missing value (in other words, there should be 12 times the number of years of data. The missing value should be outside the range of data. If you have no missing value, you must put a missing value anyway at the end of the file (say, -999.) that is not in the data range. The line with the 'missing value' should have a return after it.

I am hoping to use additional methods in the future. One would allow users to open a window and cut and past a time series to the window. If you know how to do these things, I would appreciate help.