We have transitioned the data files from netCDF3 to netCDF4-classic format. As a result, the files are compressed instead of being packed with a scale and offset. As with any netCDF4 file, the user interface will perform the uncompression. We expect the files to be read faster, depending on the application you are using. Please let us know if you run into any issues.

20th Century Reanalysis V2

This plot shows a timeseries of the monthly mean 850mb zonal wind at the grid point 255E,40N (Boulder, CO).

Options to produce plot are using the PSD monthly time series extraction/plotting web page

  • Select 20th Century Reanalysis
  • Select: Variable: zonal wind
  • Select: Level: 850mb
  • Select: latitude 40 to 40
  • Select longitude: 255 to 255
  • Selecr: Plot as output type