Web-based Reanalysis Intercomparison Tool: Monthly/Seasonal Time Series

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Plot monthly time series from different reanalysis datasets as well as differences between reanalyses and related products.

? Dataset 1? Optional: subtract or additionally plot Dataset 2?
? Which variable for D1? Level for D1?
?Start Year? ?End Year?
? Time Averaging? None Seasonal (1 value/year) First Month Season? Last Month?
? Variable statistic? Mean Anomaly Long Term Mean
Time series can be averaged across 0E using negative longitudes for 1st longitude bound. Actual; grid center of the bounds used in each dataset are returned below the plot. Grid resolutions differ so datasets will potentially use slightly different lat/lons for the same input lat/lon.NCL uses the closest grid.
?Grid Point/Region 1:
Lowest lat: (-90 to 90) Highest lat:
Western-most longitude (-180 to 360): Eastern-most longitude (0 to 360): :

? Output Type? Timeseries Distribution Cross or Auto Correlation Scatter Plot
? Plot Type? Line Bar
? Running Mean Smoothing? No Yes Number months (seasons)?
? Override default Y axis Bounds? Low to High: to
? Override default Plot Year Range/X-Axis? Low to High: to

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