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Precipitation, Aerosols, and Pacific Atmospheric Rivers Experiment
CalWater 2015
CalWater is a field campaign focusing on two key phenomena that play key roles in the variability of the water supply and the incidence of extreme precipitation events along the West Coast of the United States. These phenomena include the role of:
  1. Atmospheric Rivers (ARs) in delivering much of the water vapor associated with major storms along the U.S. West Coast, and
  2. Aerosols from local sources as well as those transported from remote continents—and their modulating effects on western U.S. precipitation.

Observation Platforms

The CalWater 2/ACAPEX observational strategy will use high- and low-altitude aircraft, a ship with the AMF2, and a ground-based network.

Terrain Base Map

Terrain base map of northern California showing wind profiler sites and S-PROF radars operation during the HMT and CalWater field campaigns (pink circles and red triangles, respectively).

Recent News and Announcements

17 February 2015
A number of stories about CalWater 2015 have appeared in the media over the last couple weeks. The most recent, Scientists go high and low for data on drought-fighting 'sky rivers', appeared in the LA Times on Feb 14th.
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