Polar Observations & Processes

Arctic Data and Web Applications

PSD Arctic Region or Arctic Focus Datasets

PSD has a number of Arctic datasets and datasets that include the Arctic region that we make available to interested users.

Eureka Canada FTP Data (Note: Instrumentation is in the process of being transferred to CANDAC)
researcher in the field at Tiksi
Tiksi FTP Data

PSD Arctic Web Applications

PSD has a number of web applications that can plot, extract and analyze various datasets. A few are specific to Arctic Datasets while some can be used with any of our gridded datasets. The ones of most interest to arctic researchers are:

Timeseries Extraction and Analysis
Maps and Crossections of Gridded Datasets
Instrument Data Displays
data browser

Arctic Datasets in Other ESRL Divisions

Atmospheric Data from the IASOA Observatories

IASOA Data At-A-Glance
IASOA Observatories:
  • Alert and Eureka, Canada
  • Barrow, Alaska USA
  • Cherskii and Tiksi, Russia
  • Ny-Aalesund, Norway
  • Abisko, Pallas and Sodankyla, Finland
  • Summit, Greenland

Other Arctic Data and Dataset Plotting/Analysis Pages