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Annual Interagency Weather Research Review and Coordination Meeting

Agenda and Presentations

* facilitator

Presentations are .ppt unless otherwise noted

Tuesday, November 30, 2010
  1. Registration, Coffee
  2. Welcome NOAA/NASA/FAA Meeting Organizers
  3. NASA Perspectives John Haynes (NASA)
  4. Progress Report on Survey of Aviation Weather Products Tom Schlatter (NOAA)
  5. Break
  6. Issues in Numerical Weather Prediction Steve Weygandt* (NOAA GSD)
    User Needs for Model Guidance (.pptx) Jason Levit* (NOAA AWC)
    GFS/NAM/HRW Update Geoff DiMego (NOAA EMC)
    RUC/RR/HRRR/HCPF Stan Benjamin (NOAA GSD)
    Model Physics Roy Rasmussen (NCAR)
    Advanced Data Assimilation David Dowell (NOAA GSD)
    Model Post Processing Zoltan Toth (NOAA GSD)
    LAMP, Model Post Processing Judy Ghirardelli (NOAA MDL, remote)
  7. End of Day 1
Wednesday, December 1, 2010
  1. Continental Breakfast
  2. FAA Perspectives Ray Moy (FAA)
  3. Testbeds and Demos (.pptx) Jason Levit* (NOAA)
    NOAA's Aviation Weather Testbed (.pptx) Jason Levit* (NOAA)
    Storm Prediction Center Activities Steve Weiss (NOAA SPC)
    Hydromet Prediction Center Activities Dave Novak (NOAA HPC)
    Objective Evaluation of Aviation Related Variables during 2010
        Hazardous Weather Testbed (HWT) Spring Experiment
    (.pptx) Tara Jensen (NCAR/RAL)
  4. Break
  5. Observational Needs, Pt I (.pptx) Roger Pierce* (NOAA)
    Phased Array Radar Pam Heinselman (NOAA NSSL)
    Polarimetric Radar Capabilities Kimberly Elmore (NSSL/CIMMS)
  6. Lunch - on your own
  7. Observational Needs, Pt II Wayne Feltz* (UW-CIMSS), Ralph Petersen* (SSEC)
    FAA Right sizing Victor Passetti (FAA)
    AMDAR/WVSSI/OSSE Ralph Petersen (SSEC)
    GOES-R/JPSS Wayne Feltz (UW-CIMSS)
    Mulit-Radar Mosaic System (MRMS) Kenneth Howard (NOAA NSSL)
    Wind Profiler Upgrades Doug Van de Kamp (NOAA)
  8. Break
  9. Convection Steve Abelman* (NOAA), Jenny Colavito* (FAA)
    Convective Hazard Volume (.pptx) Jack May (AvMet)
    Science Enhancements with CoSPA (.pptx) Haig Iskendarian (MIT-LL)
    Objective Satellite-Based Detection of
        Hazardous Convective Storm Signatures
    Kristopher Bedka (MIT-LL)
    Lightning (.pptx) John Mecikalski (CIMSS)
    AutoNowcaster Rita Roberts (NCAR)
    Oceanic Convection (.pptx) Cathy Kessinger (NCAR)
    Warn on Forecast and Convective Initiation Kurt Hondl (NSSL)
    Convective Modeling Enhancements Steve Weygandt (NOAA GSD)
  10. End of Day 2
Thursday, December 2, 2010
  1. Coffee
  2. NOAA Perspectives Mark Miller (NOAA)
  3. Volcanic Ash Imani Jeffries* (FAA)
    Debrief of FAA Volcanic Ash Meeting Steve Albersheim (FAA)
    NOAA/UW Satellite Based Volcanic Cloud Monitoring
         -- Supporting Operations
    Justin Sieglaff and Mike Pavolonis (SSEC)
    Global Satellite Observations of Volcanic Plumes
        for Aviation Hazard Mitigation
    Kai Yang (GSFC/NASA and GEST/UMBC)
    HYSPLIT Volcanic Ash Dispersion Modeling in Support
        of the U.S. Volcanic Ash Advisory Centers
    Babara Stunder (NOAA)
    Operational Experiences Jeff Osiensky (NOAA AAWU, remote)
  4. Break
  5. Verification Needs Cynthia Grzywinski* (FAA)
    Weather Impact Traffic Index (WITI) Sasha Klein (ATA, Inc.)
    Network-Enabled Verification Service (NEVS) Jennifer Mahoney (NOAA GSD)
    Verification Studies of Model-Derived Cloud Fields
        in Support of Aviation Applications
    Tara Jensen and Paul Kucera (NCAR's DTC)
    Cloud and Radiation Properties for Assimilation
        and for Verification of Model Fields
    Patrick Minnis (NASA LaRC)
    Space Weather Services for Aviation:
        Product Validation and Verification
    (.pptx) Rodney Viereck (NOAA/NWS/NCEP/SWPC)
    The Severe Hazards Analysis and Verification Experiment (.pptx) Kurt Hondl (NSSL)
  6. Ceiling & Visibility Jim Hartman* (FAA), Steve Abelman* (NOAA)
    LAMP and Gridded LAMP for operational C&V forecasting Judy Ghirardelli (NOAA MDL)
    Using Observations and Rapid Refresh to Build on LAMP skill Paul Herzegh (NCAR)
    Emerging Changes in Forecast Methodology
        through NOAA C&V Research
    Cammye Sims (NOAA)
    Update on NOAA GSD Research Steve Albers (NOAA GSD)
  7. Lunch - buffet
  8. Turbulence Tammy Farrar* (FAA)
    FAA-Sponsored Research Overview Robert Sharman (NCAR)
    Satellite-based Inferences/Convection Tony Wimmers, Wayne Feltz (UW-CIMSS)
    NASA-Sponsored Research in Global Turbulence DSS (.pdf)John Williams (NCAR)
  9. InFlight Icing Jim Riley (FAA)
    AWRP Icing Research Update Marcia Politovich (NCAR)
    Satellite Diagnoses of Icing Conditions and
        HIWC for Aviation
    (.pdf) William Smith (NCAR LaRC)
    High Ice Water Content (HIWC) Algorithm Concept (.pptx) Julie Haggerty (NCAR)
    NASA Remote Icing Sensing System David Serke (NCAR)
    Freezing Drizzle Detection - Icing Hazard Level Development John Hubbert (NCAR)
  10. Break
  11. Wrap UpNASA/NOAA/FAA Organizers
  12. End of Meeting