Visitor Services

Visitor Information and General Procedures for GSD Visits

Please adhere to the following DOC Mountain Region Security Office (MRSO) requirements when expecting visitors to GSD and our Department of Commerce site:


All Boulder Federal Employees and some Affiliates (as approved by the Mountain Region Security Officer in advance) can pre-announce visitors to the site by using the form below and following the steps to pre-announce 14 or fewer visitors.

  • Get the form
  • Type in all requested information.
  • Use one form per start date. DO NOT pre-announce multiple start dates on one form.
  • Print out the form.
  • FAX the form to x7402 or x6370; or drop it off at the Visitor Center.
  • Security guards will file your visitor pre-announcement.

For 15 or more visitors, please email the list of names (using the above form) to the MRSO at

The MRSO Web Page is

Instructions for visitors:

  • Check in at the Visitors Center and arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled visit to allow for a vehicle inspection and obtain a visitor badge and parking permit.
  • Have a form of official I.D. to present at check in. "Official" means government-issued and must include a photograph. Examples include a current driver's license, passport, or student I.D.


All foreign visitors should be reported to the DOC Security Office at least one business day in advance. (Note that green card holders follow the same rules as External Visitors, above.) See Foreign National Visitors section of the MRSO "Visitor Information" site to obtain requirements for pre-announcing foreign visitors.


Instructions for federal employees:

  • Upon entering the site, federal employee visitors should bear to the right and stop at the gate. They will be issued a temporary parking tag.
  • Make sure visitors have their federal I.D. ready to present or they will be required to have a visitor badge made.
  • Federal employees will need to "PIN out" if they leave the site after 6:00pm. Visitors should ask the guard upon entering what that PIN is.

Contact Information for Visitor-Related Personnel

Name Phone Number Fax Number
Annie Reiser (GSD Visitor Coordinator) 303-497-6634 303-497-6064
Visitor Center (General) 303-497-4433 303-497-7402/
Visitor Center Courtesy Ph. 303-497-5859  
Wendy Monroe 303-497-5198 303-497-4989
Keith Turbitt 303-497-4332 303-497-4989
Royce Kiger 303-497-5236 303-497-4989
Chris Mullane 303-497-3943 303-497-4989