1. If the 0o azimuth on the radar screen is north, what direction is 90o?

      90o?________ 180o?________ 270o?________

  2. Place a ruler on the part of the zero velocity line that runs through the radar station.
    The wind blows perpendicular to this line.
    What direction is the wind coming from? ________________________

  3. What two colors represent the fastest air velocities, and what are their speeds in meters
    per second?


  4. Change the wind velocity from 9 meters per second (m/s) to miles per hour (mph). Use
    the unit analysis technique set up below.

  5. What is the diameter of the outer ring of the radar screen in miles? _______________________

    (Hint: Range rings measure distance from the radar. Therefore, the diameter of the
    outer range ring is 40 km or two times the 20 km radius.)

    Show your work here.

    Does the storm cover this entire area?