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SAM Student Activities in Meteorology


August 31, 1992
Boulder, Colorado

We wish to thank the many individuals who helped us prepare the Student Activities in Meteorology. A unique combination of knowledge, time, and effort on the part of many National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Boulder Laboratories' employees enabled us to create the SAM series. We hope that both students and teachers learn as much as we did, and have as much fun doing the activities as we had creating them.

We owe a special note of gratitude to the project coordinators, Barbara McGehan and Rhonda Lange, for their inspiration and guidance.

We also thank and acknowledge the contributions of the following people.

Audrene Brown Betty Close Tom Conway
Steve Dent Ed Dlugokencky Wyn Eberhard
Wayne Fischer Dick Fritz Chris Grund
Seth Gutman Rich Jesuroga Rhonda Lange
Raul Lopez Sandy MacDonald Brooks Martner
Phil McDonald John Osborn Frank Pratte
Josephine Race Bob Rilling Doron Shalvi
Mel Shapiro Greg Shaw Lynn Sherretz
Dorothy Skinner Ellen Steiner Tony Tafoya
Chris Thomas Taniel Uttal Doug van de Kamp
Will von Dauster Randy Wasser Audrey Williams

Finally, we would like to acknowledge three students, Melissa Borego, Mariah Carbone, and Jennifer Pierpont, whose comments helped us improve the readability of the technical information presented in the activities.

Beverly L. Meier
Elisa Passarell

August 31, 1993
Boulder, Colorado

I owe a debt to many scientist colleagues and teachers who helped me to revise, update, and add to the Students Activities in Meteorology. To those who took time to critique the SAM manual, I thank you for your detailed assessment. Many of your suggestions appear in the current version (Version 2) of SAM.

Once again, scientists from NOAA's Boulder Laboratories have provided not simply information, but an aesthetic enjoyment that accompanies the thrill of discovery and a sense of excitement that emerges from the search for explanations. I sincerely hope that our enthusiasm reaches students who use the SAM series.

In addition to those who contributed to the original SAM activities last summer, and who contributed again this summer, I thank the following people for their knowledge and assistance.

John Ball Robert Battjes Roger Brown
Helen Coffey Larry Combs Bill Glover
Kathryn Jones Joann Joselyn Matt Kelsch
Virginia Lincoln Patrick MacIntosh Bob Munger
Tom Schlatter Janet Stellema Christopher Wilson

I would also like to thank two former students and summer employees at the Boulder Laboratories, Scott Geertgens and Tonya Reed.

Finally, to John Osborn, I owe a special note of thanks for his design and layout suggestions, as well as for his patience and support in helping me to meet many deadlines in a short period of time.

Beverly L. Meier

August 29, 1996
Boulder, Colorado

This is reprinting of Version 2 - Student Activities in Meteorology. There have been some minor changes to several of the lessons, none of which have changes the impact of the lessons in any way.

We would like to thank Doug van de Kamp of the Forecast Systems Laboratory's Demonstration Division for changes to the Wind Profiler lesson. In addition, thanks to Carol Knight - Boulder Laboratories Outreach Program - for coordination and overseeing the reprinting.

Finally, special thanks go back out to Beverly Meier, a science teacher in the Boulder Valley School District, and one of the originators of SAM, for her work on the changes for this reprinting.

John Osborn
Forecast Systems Laboratory
Technical Communication Services